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It is a wonderful game of hide and seek that we play with Mother Nature…It is natures glory to conceal, and the winemakers glory to reveal, to discover and to persuade the grapes to unveil their highest potential. It is the playfulness of guessing when and how much to step in, that is at the heart of the winemakers’ task
Charles Hendricks, Winemaker

Charles Hendricks

Winemaker Paraclete: An encourager, a messenger, an assistant, a guide.


This truly defines Charles’ philosophy of winemaking. Charles sees himself as an assistant to the natural bounty of the vineyards, using his knowledge and experience to guide and coax the very best from the wine grapes. Charles believes in minimal intervention in the wine cellar, but knows that if we leave nature completely on it's own, we would be in the vinegar business!


Charles is well-grounded in the science of winemaking. As a 1982 UC Davis viticulture graduate, Charles was able to tailor his own curriculum, and was one of the earliest to integrate winemaking and viticulture course work. Having knowledge of both viticulture and enology forms the basis for well-rounded winemaking under varying circumstances; this is the making of a great winemaking consultant.


Over the years Charles has worked in both Napa and Sonoma Counties, gaining hands on experience in all aspects of winemaking. He has built a strong reputation for the passion of excellence throughout the industry. As a consulting winemaker for many exclusive wineries over the years, such as Viader, Barnett Vineyards, Paoletti Vineyards, Regusci Winery, and Tamayo family Vineyard, Charles has had the great fortune to develop relationships with some of the foremost producers in the industry. With these resources Charles is able to secure the finest fruit for his personal project hope & grace wines. Today, Charles continues to consult for several clients, but is making more time to focus on hope & grace wines and his Yountville tasting room.

We are proud winery members of the Santa Lucia Wine Artisans association. A small group of craftsman oriented wineries that source grapes from this fantastic region.


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